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I closed my eyes for a good long time,

But I no longer believe in sleep it seems,

One of the few freedoms we have left,


But what’s the point without the will to dream,

I’m stuck here in the real world,

Full of unreal faces,


And I can’t seem to go anywhere,

With my head in so many places,

Every time I seek out satisfaction,


I always leave empty handed,

Carelessly throwing my heart around,

Not once caring about where it landed,


Now I’m left with minimal room,

To let anyone else in,

But there aren’t many risks left to take,


After where my heart has been,

No one seems to understand,

The craving for abuse,

Or the gratitude it gives,


To hang your head from a noose,

Pleasure goes unnoticed,

Until we have a good sense of pain,


But I had an affair with darkness,

And I doubt I’ll ever go back again,

We’re all still running from something,


Under the lies we hide,

They said it’d never happen,

But heaven and hell are starting to collide,


There is no pain left here,

That we don’t already know,

Destroyed by what we’ve seen,

Where did our innocence go?


There’s no greater scar,

Then the one that life will leave,

If everything’s been done before,

Then what’s left for us to achieve?


Written by Reza Puradiredja

13/06/2012 at 09:57

Posted in Random

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