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a commencement speech …

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Ladies and gentlemen, members of the faculty and my fellow graduates,
I am very pleased to be speaking to you today. I welcome you all and
hope that you feel as proud as I do to be part of this great

My fellow graduates, when we first came here , we’ve got nothing but
our imaginations as our maps and our dreams as our final destination.
We have no lights , we don’t know which way to go and we have no
knowledge whatsoever about the world beyond the ground that we

Then came our lecturers to the rescue. They brought us back into the
track, light the path and guides us to use those so called instruments
we hardly thought they’re exist. Then, after we know how to stand on
our own feet and how to use it to grab the ground, they lends us their
wings and we learn how to use it before we grown our own. They tought
us when to spread, when to flapped and when to unspread it … and then,
we fly …

Then the time came when we’re grown and ready to spread our own wings
… by the time we’re ready to fly on our own, these words will always
be my guiding lights “ just remember what you’ve been thought , do
your best , safety first and let nature take care of the rest, God
Speed “ … and here we are , with our wings , ready to fly on our own …
Thank You teachers …

Ever since I found out that my grandpa is a warplane pilot at his
young age and my father fly a Jumbo Jet at such a young age, I have
this dream that someday, I’m going to fly my own plane … and as most
kids do with their dreams , that “someday” left hanging for decades !
i don’t score good grades at school and since im afraid of heights, I
don’t even think about going to flying school after I get my high
school diploma … and the times goes by

So when I decided to take flying school, decades later , voices of
discouragement came from my family and friends … “ aren’t you a bit
too old ? “ , “ aren’t you afraid of heights ? “ , “aren’t you just a
common man with an ordinary brain ? “ etc … Well , I have my own
beliefs … I have faith in my dreams and I believe in myself and I have
the will to make it happen …

Yes, I admit that it is a fact that im just an ordinary man with
common brainpower in a verge of thirties and I did afraid of heights …
well, as Col Sanders started KFC when he’s 55 , I could consider
myself very young, Sir Isacc Newton declared mentally ill at his young
age and years later have become the most respected scientist and
considered as a math-magician up until now … and last but not least,
Adolf Hitler is afraid of heights but he did conquered most of Europe
and even built his castle , the Eagle’s nest on top of the mountain of

So if those people are able to surpass their own limits , made
possible the impossible, why cant I do the same ? why can’t you do the
same ?

My point is this … Our past, no matter how gloomy and ugly it was, is
still the thing that shaped us into who we are rite now. We could
never change our past , we could never change our histories, but we
can always design our future and write a new stories to make a better
history …

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.
Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other
people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out
your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow
your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly
want to become and No matter what you want to do with your life, be
passionate. Mediocrity is nobody’s goal and perfection shouldn’t be
either. We’ll never be perfect. But remember these three P’s: Passion
+ Persistence = Possibility.

We’re all have our own dreams … Along the way , sadness , sorrow ,
sweat and tears , difficulties , failures and other obstacles urged
our lips to say “ I give up” … Along times as we rises after the falls
, we forged the soft liquid metal called “intention” , into a hard
solid metal called “will” with our own strength and determination …
For our dreams …and yes, we will never be the same …

So now that we’re all get our wings , let’s spread it wide and let’s fly away …

Congratulations class of 2012 , Know your limits, break them , respect
the obstacles … have faith in your dreams, believe in yourself and
make it happen !
Thank You


Written by Reza Puradiredja

24/03/2012 at 10:27

Posted in Random

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