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The Leader and the Boss …

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A leader and a boss have many differences in how they behave around others:

-For the boss, his and her authority is a privilege of power, while for the leader it is a gift of service.

* The boss orders, “I’m in charge here.” The leader thinks, “I serve here.”

* The boss pushes the group while the leader stimulates it, conducting it.

* The boss rests on the authority delegated to him and her by superiors. The leader is driven by his and her conscience.

* The boss inspires fear. The leader inspires confidence and respect. That’s why you fear your boss, while you love your leader.

* The boss looks for someone to blame when something goes wrong.

* The leader stimulates correction of the error.

* The boss shouts, scolds, looks for who to blame while the leader corrects and stimulates the betterment of his and her colleagues, since it is better to make a mistake while acting than to fail to act out of fear of making a mistake.

* The boss assigns tasks, obligations and duties, ordering each individual on what he and she should be doing while observing whether they obey or not. The leader leads by example, working alongside his colleagues, her and his words match his and her deeds because understanding what to do is the best form of speaking.

* The boss does work that is a job, the leader undertakes activities that are a privilege.

* The boss knows how things must be done. The leader teaches how they should be done.

* The boss guards and protects the secrets to success. The leader makes sure everyone learns them in order to achieve success.

* The boss manages the people, the leader conducts them toward the shared goal.

* The boss privatizes while the leader socializes.

* The boss looks at his collaborators as numbers or chits, the leader sees them as a work team that he belongs to in egalitarian conditions.

* The boss says “go do it,” the leader says “let’s go do it.”

* The leader is a compass: he fosters real commitment from all the members, formulates plans with clear goals, motivates, supervises and promotes the ideal of hope.

* The leader has a clear vision of what he and she want and the mission to achieve it.

* The boss arrives late. The leader gets there early or on time.

* The leader makes ordinary people into extraordinary ones who commit themselves to the established mission in a way that allows for the peoples’ transcendence and fulfillment. He and she give his collaborators another reason to live.

A leader is extraordinary. There is nothing common or bland about him and her


Written by Reza Puradiredja

23/03/2010 at 01:12

Posted in Professional Life

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